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The beasts we could raise from the dead: a checklist of animals to clone

An entertaining science writer comes up with this list:

1) Woolly mammoth
2) Dodo
3) Sabre Toothed Tiger
4) Thylacine (Marsupial Tiger)
5) Glyptodon
6) Irish Elk
7) Short faced bear
8) Neanderthal
9) Giant sloth
10) Woolly rhino
11) Moa

To these I would add:

1) Procoptodon goliah (Giant Kangaroo)
2) Auroch
3) Meiolania (Horned Turtle)
4) Caribbean Monk Seal
5) Thylacoleo carnifex (Marsupial Lion)
6) Megalania (Giant Lizard)
7) Haast’s Eagle
8) Passenger Pigeon
9) Mastadon
10)Neovison macrodon (Sea Mink)


Most of these are chosen because we have comparable species around today that might be able to help out with the cloning mechanics. Of these I would urge that the most recently extinct be tried first since at least they could be re-introduced to ecosystems similar to what they might have once known.

The beasts we could raise from the dead: Return of the mammoth is ‘only a matter of time’ | Mail Online

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